Write-On is an online tutoring platform staffed by the undergraduate writing fellows. Upload a paper and receive detailed feedback about your questions and concerns within 48 hours. This service is tailored to students who can articulate clear questions about, and goals for, their writing.
Guidelines for uploading:

  • Submissions are limited to ten pages that can stand alone.
  • Long papers broken into multiple submissions or papers longer than ten pages will be deleted without a response.
  • Tutors cannot provide feedback on take-home exams unless they are able to see explicit consent from your instructor attached with the submission.

If you feel that Write-On does not suit your needs, but still want feedback, try scheduling an online tutoring session!

Questions about these submission guidelines? Email wsap@ur.rochester.edu or call the Writing and Speaking Center at (585) 273-3577.

Access Write-On Here
^Log in with your NetID username and password for the college.

To access Write-On you need to be using one of these supported web browser:

  • Chrome 27.x or higher version
  • Safari 6.1.x or higher version
  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher version

If you need technical help, please email the Writing and Speaking Center at wsap@ur.rochester.edu.