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Writing Consultants

Tangeria Adams is a PhD student in the Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology program.

Kelley Annesley is a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy, with particular interest in moral beliefs, how we change them, and how we talk about them. Though her background is in the humanities, Kelley enjoys working with students in any discipline. She does, however, have a special interest in argumentative papers.

Zach Barber- Philosophy
In my research, I focus on moral and political philosophy. I enjoy a lot of things about tutoring. Connecting with students over the value and beauty of language is so fun! But I most enjoy discussing ideas and arguments with my tutees, usually at the earlier stages of the writing process. I specialize in argumentative writing.

Tessa Brunnenmeyer

Jerome Dent is a PhD student in Visual and Cultural Studies.

Erin Francisco - English
My background is in Environmental Humanities and American Literature. I love talking about persuasive writing and rhetoric. Working with writers brings me joy and helps me to reflect on my own thinking and writing practices.

Dustin Hannum  is an assistant professor in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program. He enjoys working with student on writing projects of all kinds, particularly WRT 105 and humanities-based essays.

Lisa Jin  is a computer science PhD student focusing on natural language processing. She enjoys working with students on all types of projects—especially argumentative, research, or STEM-related writing.

Rebecca Lowery

Emily Lowman- English
Emily is a PhD student in the English Department. Her background is in English and Psychology and she teaches rhetoric-based courses for the WSAP. She enjoys working with students from all disciplines, and specializes in  argumentative papers and humanities-based writing.

Anastasia Nikolis is a PhD student in the English Department studying late 20th century American poetry and poetics.

Michael Ormsbee is a PhD student in the English Department.

Zachary Powell is a PhD graduate student in English with an emphasis in Film and Media Studies. With a Master's from Kansas State University, he taught high school for seven years preparing students for college writing. Alongside teaching rhetoric and analysis in writing, he has also taught creative writing.

Daniel Rinn is a PhD student in the Department of History.

Hannah Swerbenski

Janelle Veazey- Immunology, Microbiology, and Virology Program
Janelle Veazey is a PhD student in the Immunology, Microbiology, and Virology Program. She has a lot of practice in technical writing (manuscripts and grants) and enjoys helping students work through all stages of the writing process.

Suzanne Woodring is a PhD candidate in human development at the Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, and her research focuses on humans’ abilities to successfully transfer knowledge from one context to another. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Education. Her own experiences as a fellow writer and writing instructor have prepared her to work with writers from various social science disciplines as well as other, diverse disciplines. In fact, she finds it very rewarding to connect with writers who study and write about topics with which she has less familiarity.

Alice Wynd

Writing Fellows

Wil AikenFilm & Media Studies and Language, Media, & Communication
My favorite writing is the kind that clarifies something, or makes it approachable. Tutoring has had a similar effect for me in my own experience, so to work as a writing tutor is a great extension of that.

Danae AlexandrouEnvironmental Health (Pre-med); Spanish Minor
I have been a Writing Fellow since my Sophomore year of college. I love tutoring other students in writing/English because it creates an opportunity where we both get to learn from each other personally and academically.

John Beebe - Linguistics and English: Literature
For me, the most important thing a college education can give is the ability to express my thoughts and memories in a way that will be valued. When every idea can be spoken in hundreds of different sentences, it's worth it to know how to find the best ones. That's why I'm in college.

Briana CahillPolitical Science; Legal Studies Minor
I love writing because it makes me feel free to express myself.

Manasvi Chaturvedi
Vice President
My favorite part about both writing and tutoring is that moment when — after an agonizing block — something clicks and you find the perfect words to convey what you mean. My most used and go-to writing strategies to help me get to that click are free writing and making mind maps and outlines!

Alessandra DimauroCell & Developmental Biology and English: Literature
Teaching Assistant
For me, writing is a process. Learning, through this process, what doesn't work is almost always just as helpful as finding out what does work. I love to tutor students wherever they may be in this "process" to help them find out what is working well and what could use some adjustment.

Morgan FarrowEnglish: Literature and Gender Studies; Writing Studies Minor
Programming Coordinator
I think writing can be challenging, but my favorite part of the process is revision. I enjoy revising my own work, but even more than that, I enjoy the conversations that form around revision within the tutoring space.

Katelyn GibsonEnglish: Language, Media and Communication
My favorite part of the writing process has always been revising and getting to choose the perfect words and phrases to convey my thoughts. One of the best things about tutoring is being able to talk with students and see them get excited about their own writing!

Annemarie KearnsPolitical Science and Business
My favorite thing about tutoring is getting to learn about topics outside my own field of study. There are so many different types of writers on our campus, so the job always stays interesting!

Eleanor LenoeHistory and Japanese
Ever since I was little, I've loved writing little tales about mystical creatures- ghosts, fairies, anything of that sort. Now that I'm in college, I still enjoy adding flares to even the most boring assignments- and that includes sneaking some mystical lore into lab reports and other assignments! As a writing tutor, my main objective is to provide helpful advice without coming off as intimidating.

Monica Morgan - Bioethics; History and Legal Studies Minors
For me, I love how writing is a conversation between author and reader - and the most fun part about tutoring is helping tutees figure out how they want to direct that conversation!

Anh-Tho Nguyen

Hannah O'Connor - Political Science
When writing my own papers, I am a big planner, so I especially enjoy tutoring sessions that involve brainstorming and outlining. No matter what kind of writing it is, I love to organize!

Nicholas Pomianek - Mechanical Engineering
Coming from a research background, I enjoy breaking down the writing process to better understand every individual's approach and experiences with the many challenges of writing.

Eilis Regan
I like tutoring because it gives me many opportunities to be helpful; it makes me feel good. I also like that in tutoring, I get to encounter all sorts of different writing styles, and I think that that’s so cool.

Alonni Reid
I enjoy writing because it gives me the opportunity to express myself and share my ideas with others. It also challenges me to think critically and engage with different topics and the world around me.

Talia Salenger
I joined the Writing Fellows in Spring of 2019. I love writing because I can communicate most effectively through written word. My favorite part of being a tutor is bringing my passion for the subject to each session to help students overcome their struggles with writing.

Jessica Sgambati - Psychology and English; Writing Minor
Writing is one of my greatest passions and I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to help others in their writing process! I love to edit—finding the flow of paragraphs, reworking sentences, brainstorming the perfect conclusion—and I’m here for you, ready to tackle any stage of writing for any paper.

Rebecca (Bex) StaneslowPhilosophy and Psychology
Advertising Coordinator

Writing is an inherently vulnerable act. One of my favorite things about tutoring is the opportunity to acknowledge this vulnerability and help students build not only their skill but also their confidence in their own ability to make themselves understood through writing.

Allison Stein

Jingxuan WangAnthropology and Economics
As a writer, I try to write as I feel, think, and talk. As a fellow, I find myself constantly inspired by the works of people coming into the writing center. I'd love more inspiration if anyone's willing to share!

Amanda Waugh
I have interests in a bunch of different realms, so I think it's cool how writing changes when you're doing it for different purposes. I love helping others figure out how to present what they are interested in to a new audience, and I love being that new audience to bounce ideas off of!

Sarah Weise - American & British Literature; Language Media, & Communication; and the Guaranteed Rochester Accelerated Degree in Education (GRADE) program
Even though I’m a Writing Fellow and English major, writing doesn’t always come easy to me! I’m a serial drafter and will spend far too long stressing out over individual words. There’s nothing better than the feeling of submitting an essay, though, and that makes the process worth it for me.

Miranda Zammarelli - Anthropology and Brain & Cognitive Science
I love writing because my work as a writer is never complete. There is always a idea that needs to be written or a piece of writing that could be improved. I love tutoring because I enjoy connecting with others through their written thoughts.

Speaking Fellows

Leif JohansenEconomics/Political Science
I'm a dog-lover, a hiker, a blacksmith, a drummer, a fan of newsboy caps, and a believer in the genius within all of us. I joined the Speaking Fellows because I think that public speaking skills are one of those things that everyone, regardless of academic study, can benefit from having in their toolkit, but hardly anyone teaches or talks about it. I wanted to do my part to help spread the word about the value of public speaking.

Nikhila Linganur - Honors Economics and Business
Public speaking can be daunting for even stellar students, which is why tutoring it feels particularly worthwhile. Working alongside these students, helping them realize their true strengths & potential in this rather frightening zone is something I always look forward to. The reassured, confident smiles students leave with at the end of tutoring sessions often has me beaming in satisfaction too!

Denis Lomakin - Computer Science and Philosophy
I've always enjoyed public speaking and tutoring, so the Speaking Fellows were a great fit. Being a Speaking Fellow has allowed me to grow as a speaker and I've met some really amazing people through this organization!

Monica MorganBioethics; History & Legal Studies Minors
As a Speaking Fellow, I love getting to learn about individual communication styles! Everyone has their own strengths (and weaknesses) and working one-on-one with someone else to improve his/her communication is my favorite part of being a Fellow.

Natalie Ramesh - Chemical Engineering
I love tutoring because it gives me the chance to meet a lot of people and help them out with something that may have seemed really scary before. I've learned a lot from all the different people I have met while tutoring!

Sophia RosmanPhilosophy and Art History; E5 2020 in Business
I grew up performing professionally in the entertainment industry. I bring unique insights from this experience to tutoring sessions for presentations, conversations, group projects, and professional communication. I enjoy learning about your coursework and background during sessions.