Writing Studies Clusters

The department offers four clusters, all of which are in the humanities academic division. If you found interest in the clusters, consider a parallel minor or general writing studies minor.

General Writing Studies (H1WRT004)

This cluster (as well as the minor) draws on theory and research in writing studies to help students understand different disciplinary practices around writing, speaking, and argument. It previews the minor and writing studies as a field.

Language, Linguistics, and Writing (H1WRT001)

This cluster (as well as the minor) focuses on how language works at the sentence, clause, or phrase level and relates that knowledge to the discourse goals of the text as a whole.

Digital and Multimodal Communication (H1WRT002)

This cluster (as well as the minor) focuses on how composing choices and their effects depend not only on audience and purpose, but also—in critical ways—on the mode of communication.

Communication and Community Engagement (H1WRT003)

This cluster focuses on communication as an act that both interacts with and serves the larger community.