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WRT 273 Equivalency Through Professional Communication Portfolio Submission

If you believe that you have gained the experience and skills that enable you to effectively communicate multiple professional identities, you may petition to waive the WRT 273 requirement based on submission of a professional communication portfolio and a reflective essay.

Note: A successful WRT 273 equivalency petition means that this requirement is waived; however, no credit is awarded.

    When we review equivalency petitions, we look for evidence that you have met the course goals for WRT 273. Your petition will be accepted or denied based on the degree to which your portfolio and reflective essay demonstrate your ability to meet the following learning objectives:

  • Explore, construct, articulate, and communicate your professional identity/identities.
  • Identify, research, analyze, and construct interpretations of professional audiences.
  • Create messages tailored to audience and purpose through the process of drafting, gaining feedback, and revising.
  • Anticipate and avoid unintended messages.
  • Represent yourself in a variety of communication situations and through different media, with attention to shaping your message to suit new contexts.
  • Evaluate and make decisions about your own professional behavior in different contexts.

    Materials to submit

  1. A detailed, reflective essay that speaks to
    1. the ways in which you meet the learning objectives above, and
    2. how the portfolio materials listed below demonstrate these learning objectives.
  2. A portfolio of supporting materials, which should show evidence of your ability to tailor your materials to different audiences, and must include:
    1. Written reflection on career exploration research you have conducted on multiple career options of interest to you
    2. Informational Interview with UR alumnus/a or professional (not a personal contact or family member)
    3. Mock Interview with a speaking fellow (note the date of your visit)
    Evidence of feedback and revision process required for items d, e(ii), e(iii), and one of the following: f, g, or h.
    1. Networking note to a UR alumnus/a or professional (not a personal contact or family member)
    2. Two sets of application materials for two different opportunities. Each set should contain:
      1. A well-researched analysis of the target audience. (Specific audiences might be employers, research faculty, etc.)
      2. Resume (or CV)
      3. Cover letter (an application essay may substitute for one cover letter)
    3. Elevator pitch video recording
    4. Project description or abstract for a non-technical audience (choice of written piece or video recording)
    5. URL of fully completed LinkedIn profile
  3. A list of those who have reviewed and provided feedback on portfolio materials, along with a clear indication of which materials they reviewed. (Feedback might be from Greene Center advisors, faculty in your area(s) of specialty, professionals––not close friends or family––in your prospective industries, and Writing and Speaking Center tutors). Consider these your references for your portfolio.

Submission Form

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For questions about the petition process, please contact WRT 27X Lead Instructor, Laura Jones, at

For technical assistance please contact the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program at