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WRT 273 Transfer Petition Form

Use a Transfer Course to Fulfill WRT 273, "Communicating Your Professional Identity in Engineering"

If you have taken a course at another university that is equivalent to WRT 273, you may petition to use this course to fulfill the WRT 273 requirement. Please note that receiving transfer credits for your transfer course is not sufficient by itself; you must specifically petition to use the transfer course in place of WRT 273.

    Your petition will be accepted or denied based on the following criteria:

  • The course was taken at a collegiate institution in an English-speaking country.
  • You must have received a "B" or higher in their transfer course.
  • The transfer course was completed prior to your matriculating at the University. If you have special circumstances (i.e., study abroad, double-majoring, leave of absence) you may be permitted to pursue a Transfer Petition after matriculating. Such circumstances would require the student’s academic advisor to document the extenuating circumstances prior to the petition’s evaluation.
  • Your transfer course includes the following components:
    1. Job or grad-school oriented communication assignments, including resume or C.V., cover letter or application essay;
    2. Spoken communication assignment(s);
    3. Feedback and revision process for all major assignments.

Submit a WRT 273 Transfer Petition
^Login with your NetID username and password for the College.

To increase your chances of submitting a successful petition, you may want to contact the Lead WRT 273 Instructor, Laura Jones (, or the Placement Coordinator, Matthew Bayne (, to discuss any questions related to the petitioning process.

Writing 273 Petitioning Process (and Beyond)

  1. If your transfer course is equivalent, upload a copy of the course’s syllabus to our database. If the syllabus doesn’t completely speak to the components of your transfer course—particularly in demonstrating the criteria of equivalency listed above—you may submit supplemental documentation (e.g., assignment prompts, assignment drafts, instructor statements, etc.).
  2. If your Transfer Petition is accepted, this means that you have met your WRT 273 requirement. If your Transfer Petition is denied, you should take WRT 273 to fulfill this requirement.


For technical assistance please contact the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program at