Writing, Speaking,
and Argument Program


Program Directors and Coordinators

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Arbogast, Amy , Ph.D.

Lecturer in Speaking and Writing
Speaking Center Coordinator
aarbogas@ur.rochester.edu | (585) 273-3584

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Bayne, Matthew , Ph.D.

Lecturer in Writing
Writing Placement Coordinator
mwbayne@gmail.com | (585) 273-3584

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Lee, Rachel , Ph.D.

Lecturer in Writing
Graduate Writing Project Coordinator
rachel.lee@rochester.edu | (585) 273-3581

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Nolte, Dan

Writing Fellows President

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Rossen Knill, Deborah , M.F.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of Writing, Speaking, and Arugment Program
deb.rossen-knil@rochester.edu | (585) 273-3583
G-120 Rush Rhees Library

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Schaefer, Katherine , Ph.D.

Lecturer in Writing
Writing in the Majors Coordinator
katherine.schaefer@rochester.edu | (585) 276-5685
315 Rush Rhees Library

G. Paige Sloan

Sloan, G. Paige , M.A.TESOL, MLIS

Lecturer in Writing
Undergraduate EAPP Director
paige.sloan@rochester.edu | (585) 276-6979

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Sydelnik, Stefanie , Ph.D.

Lecturer in Writing
Associate Director
stefanie.sydelnik@rochester.edu | (585) 273-3584

Liz Tinelli

Tinelli, Liz , Ph.D.

Lecturer in Writing, EAPP
Graduate Writing Project Co-Coordinator
liz.tinelli@rochester.edu | (585) 276-5279