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The Writing and Speaking Center supports effective academic communication across all disciplines by offering free writing and speaking tutoring to all members of the University of Rochester community.

Our center is staffed by professional, graduate, and undergraduate writing and speaking tutors from the humanities, social sciences, and natural and applied sciences. These tutors provide individualized feedback and assistance on all types of academic writing and speaking.

To work with a tutor, sign-up for an appointment using our online scheduling system or stop by during our drop-in hours.

Writing Tutoring

Whether you’re brainstorming for a writing assignment or polishing a final draft, writing tutors can help you at any stage of the writing process.

Writers have the option of meeting with writing tutors who are current graduate and undergraduate students.

Writing Consultants: Graduate Students and Professional Tutors

Writing consultants are graduate students and professional tutors from a variety of disciplines. Consultants are educated in providing feedback on, and assistance with, all types of writing at any stage of the writing process.

Appointments are typically 50 minutes and can be either scheduled or drop-ins. To schedule an appointment, use our online scheduling system.

We also offer standing weekly appointments for students who would like to work with the same tutor at the same time every week. To request a standing appointment, email

To learn more about our consultants, see the graduate tutor biography page.

Writing Fellows: Undergraduate Peer Tutors

Our writing fellows are undergraduate peer tutors who work with students to strengthen writing abilities. Tutors help students with all types of writing projects, from lab reports to graduate school essays.

Fellows represent many majors and have been trained by taking WRT 245/ENG 285: Advanced Writing and Peer Tutoring. The writer directs the session and may choose to focus on anything from brainstorming, to discussing organization and flow of an argument, to working on grammar. Essentially, the tutor helps students discover the writing strategies and techniques that work best for them with the goal of developing better writers.

With offices in three locations on campus and drop-in hours on weekends and weekday evenings, fellows are available and accessible.

To work with a tutor, sign-up for an appointment using our online scheduling system or stop by during our drop-in hours.

Please note: Priority is given to students who have appointments.

Online Tutoring

Students have the option of submitting their paper through an online tutoring platform called Write-On. This platform is staffed by undergraduate writing tutors and allows students to upload their writing and receive detailed feedback about their questions and concerns within 48 hours.

This service is tailored to students who have clear questions about, and goals for, their writing.

Submissions are limited to five pages. Long papers broken into multiple submissions or papers longer than five pages will be deleted without a response.

Submit a paper to Write-On.

Speaking Fellows

Speaking fellows are undergraduate peer tutors who provide critical feedback on speeches and presentations during every stage of the process, including brainstorming and outlining, practicing, revising, and polishing. Speaking tutors represent many majors and have prepared for tutoring by taking WRT 247: Spoken Communication and Peer Tutoring.

Speaking tutors can help with many different forms of spoken communication, including speeches and presentations for class assignments, and poster and group presentations. Tutors can also help with visual aids and are trained to help students cope with speech anxiety. Students can also practice interviews, although they are encouraged to first visit the Career Center.

Speaking fellows are also available to help students with professional, academic, and casual conversation practice.

You can schedule to meet with a speaking tutor using our online scheduling system. You can also visit during our drop-in hours.

Please note: Priority is given to students who have appointments.