Writing, Speaking,
and Argument Program


Writing Studies Minor

The Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program (WSAP) offers a minor in writing studies. This minor provides an extended study of writing for students from all disciplines. It draws on theory and research in writing studies to help students understand different disciplinary practices around writing, speaking, and argument. This minor also provides a flexible writing curriculum to complement students’ academic and professional interests.

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Minor requirements: at least 6 courses including 1 core course, minimum 22 credits.

Core Courses

Analysis of writing at different textual levels (these courses also include practice). Students must select at least one course from the following:

Tracks within the Minor

Within the minor, we have four writing studies tracks:

Students must take at least 3 courses within a track.

All courses are four credits unless otherwise noted. WRT 103, 104, and all versions of 105 may not be used for the minor. Students cannot take courses pass/fail and must earn at least a 2.0 average for these courses. No major and minor may overlap by more than two courses; no two minors may overlap by more than two courses.

Language, Linguistics, Writing Track

Digital and Multimodal Communication Track

The Practice of Writing and Speaking Track (with attention to theory and research)

*Prerequisite: completion of the primary writing requirement (PWR)

General Writing Studies Track: Select one course from each of the other tracks listed above.

Professional Writing Courses that Count toward the Minor

No more than one 27X course counts toward the minor. All 27X courses are two credits.

*Prerequisite: completion of the primary writing requirement (PWR)

Courses from other Programs or Departments that Count toward the Minor

Students may apply two non-WSAP writing-focused courses toward the writing studies minor, but no more than one creative writing course.

For questions about other non-WSAP courses, please contact:

Deborah Rossen-Knill, MFA, PhD
WSAP Director
Associate Professor
(585) 273-3583

Stefanie Sydelnik, PhD
Associate Director
Lecturer in Writing
(585) 273-3584

Goals of the Minor