Writing, Speaking,
and Argument Program

Faculty and Instructors

Writing Workshops


The writing workshop program offers writing workshops to support a wide variety of learning goals. We will work with you to determine the best way to integrate these workshops, tailoring the number, timing, content, and format to meet your needs.

Your engagement is crucial. When the classroom professor helps to integrate the writing instruction with the course content, students begin to understand that “doing in the discipline” and “writing in the discipline” are not separate processes. Considerable research on writing supports the need for disciplinary faculty to help students understand the underlying values and patterns of reasoning that guide discourse norms in the discipline.

Here’s how you can help students see the connection between writing and doing:

We will be happy to discuss these issues in more detail during our initial meetings with you.


In order to make workshop integration as smooth as possible, and to improve every semester, we ask that you:


Writing workshops that we commonly offer include: