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Instructors for WRT 108: Workshop in Writing/Extension for WRT 104 and WRT 105E

The Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program is not currently hiring instructors to teach WRT 108: Workshop in Writing/Extension for WRT 104 and 105E.

In this course, instructors work with groups of four to six students who take the course either to continue developing their writing skills in the Workshop in Writing, or to fulfill their primary writing requirement through the WRT Extension. Instructors’ responsibilities include:

  • Developing an Individualized Learning Contract with each student (the contract will include the student’s goals for the semester)
  • Planning and running one-hour group meetings once every two weeks (during these meetings, instructor offers hands-on workshops on various writing issues, identified by students, and/or leads peer-review sessions during which students peer-review each other’s writing projects)
  • Meeting individually with students (on weeks when group meetings are not scheduled)
  • Monitoring students’ meetings with writing consultants (students meet with consultants on weeks when they have no group meetings or meeting with their instructor)
  • Grading final portfolio (on pass/fail basis for 108; assigning a letter grade for extension students)

Preference will be given to instructors with experience teaching WRT 108, WRT 105E, ECO, and/or tutoring experience. One or two positions available.


WRT 108 instructors receive a $2,000 stipend.

Application Review Process

The application deadline is: N/A

To apply, please submit a letter of interest and CV to For more information about WRT 108/Extension for WRT 104 and WRT 105E, please refer to the courses page or email Stefanie Sydelnik at