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Workshop and Teaching-Circle Coordinator

The coordinator would be responsible for workshops across the year that are designed to address the particular needs of WSAP instructors. This involves:

  • Coordinating the WSAP Colloquium on Writing and the Teaching of Writing:
    • Circulate CFP
    • Select and reply to submissions
    • Schedule accepted colloquium presentations
  • Identifying and organizing workshops that address instructor needs that have been identified through feedback received during mentor/practicum meetings, from WRT 571 and WRT 572 mid-semester and end-of-semester evaluations, from WRT 105 course evaluations, and from program-wide surveys:
    • Run survey and collect feedback
    • Brainstorm ideas for appropriate workshop formats
    • Recruit volunteers among experienced instructors and staff to lead and/or participate in the workshops
  • Implement workshop ideas suggested and offered by WSAP staff, e.g. from representatives of EAPP or the Speaking Center
  • Assess workshops

Workshop planning, in general, requires writing announcements, collecting RSVPs, keeping records of attendees, collecting workshop evaluations, and working closely with the department secretary to send announcements, reserve rooms, and provide snacks.

The coordinator will also be responsible for creating and managing teaching circles. Teaching circles bring together a small group of peers with different amounts of teaching experience for regular (monthly or twice a month) informal get-togethers around the topic of teaching. The groups might share in-class activities, teaching successes and challenges, and the like. The WSAP coordinator helps to form these groups, provides snacks and possibly a space to meet, and, with the help of program directors, assesses their worth.


Compensation is $4,000 per academic year.


Deadline: May 1, 2015

Please return your application to the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program at Hard copy applications may be submitted in the WSA Program main office, Rush Rhees Library G-121.