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Writing Groups

In a writing class? Have lots of writing to do? Join a writing group!

Writing groups are small groups of writers who meet once a week in order to write. Students working on any kind of academic, professional, or creative writing can join a group.

Groups are organized by when the writing sessions are held (for example, Tuesdays at 6). Once you join a group, you are expected to meet with your group at the same time each week for the semester. (New groups form each semester.)

Interested in joining a group? Click here
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To login you need to be using one of these supported web browsers:

  • Chrome 27.x or higher version
  • Safari 6.1.x or higher version
  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher version

Want to learn more? See the FAQ

Questions? Problems? Suggestions? Email the Writing Group Coordinator, Rachel Lee:


    What happens in a writing group?
  • 5-7 students meet 2 hours per week to write.
  • Each person shares their goal, writes, and shares their progress.
  • A Writing Fellow leads the session and provides support.
  • Groups with the best attendance get a pizza!
    Why should I join one?
    A writing group can…
  • Fend off procrastination.
  • Make your writing time more productive—and less painful.
  • Make writing more fun (misery loves company!).
  • Lead to better writing and writing habits.
    What can I work on?
    Any academic, professional, or creative writing, such as…
  • Papers/writing assignments for class
  • Application/scholarship materials
  • Creative projects

Writing groups are not the time for studying, but they can be used for active research and reading, including taking notes and summarizing sources.

Writing Group Materials