Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program

Information for Transfer Students

While all students—including transfer students—must satisfy the College’s primary writing requirement, many transfer students have additional options for satisfying the requirement based on coursework taken at their previous college or university. See the information below for more details.

Please note: WRT 105 and WRT 105E were formerly CAS 105 and CAS 105E.

  • If you have taken a writing course at a previous college or university, you may select one of the following options.

    1) Petition for that course to fulfill the primary writing requirement at the University of Rochester

    For a course taken at  a previous institution to satisfy the University of Rochester’s primary writing requirement, it must be equivalent to WRT 105, which stresses argumentative, research-based writing and culminates in a focused 8-10 page argumentative research paper. A course description and syllabus are required to demonstrate equivalency, and the student must have earned a B or better in order to fulfill the primary writing requirement.

    If a writing course from another college or university is not equivalent to WRT 105 (for example, it does not require research, or does not emphasize argumentative writing), we may request additional writing samples from the student to demonstrate competency in the required writing skills.

  • Click here to obtain the Petition to Satisfy PWR with a Transfer Course.

    Click here to learn more about WRT 105 and 105E.

  • 2) If you have NOT taken a writing course at a previous college or university, your options for satisfying the primary writing requirement will be the same as those who are entering the University of Rochester without having previously attended another college or university.

Click here to learn more about these options.