Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program

Graduate & Post-Graduate Employment Opportunities

Fall/Spring Employment Opportunities

If you are planning to apply for a teaching position please see our Instructor's Guide for more information about teaching WRT 105.

Teaching Positions

New Instructors for Reasoning and Writing in the College, WRT 105

Breadth Fellowship

WRT 108 Instructors

Postdoctoral Fellowship
(positions have been filled)

Writing Workshop Leader
(application deadline: August 31)

Dudley Doust Writing Associate Teaching Positions:

WRT 105 Instructor (for experienced WRT 105 instructors beyond department funding)

Tutoring Positions

Writing Consultant
(applications under review)

EAPP Tutor
(position has been filled)

Administrative Positions

Writing Placement Coordinator
(application deadline: February 15th)

Dudley Doust Writing Associate Administrative Position:

Instructor Training Coordinator

Summer Employment Opportunities

Writing Placement Advisor
(positions have been filled)

ECO Writing Instructor
(position has been filled)

ECO Writing Consultant
(position has been filled)

Mentor Positions

WRT 105 Instructor Mentor
(positions have been filled )

WRT 105E Instructor Mentor
(positions have been filled )