Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program

Breadth Fellowship Application

To activate the application so that you can upload documents, begin by entering your name.

To apply, you must meet the following expectations:

  • have not been found guilty of academic dishonesty,
  • have not been found guilty of a conduct violation, and
  • are not the subject of a pending academic honesty or conduct case.

By signing below, you understand that the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program reserves the right to review transcripts, University records and references, and to contact other personnel to determine eligibility and qualifications.

To confirm that you meet the conduct and academic honesty expectations, or have discussed your situation with Deborah Rossen-Knill and have been given permission to apply, please initial here:

Alternatively, if you feel that your situation warrants an exception, please contact Deborah Rossen-Knill.

Application Materials

Please also include the following items. If you do not currently have all of these documents, you will be provided with a link in your confirmation email that will allow you to upload them later.

  1. A brief cover letter: Please explain in one or two pages why you would like to teach writing and what you believe you can contribute to the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program.
  2. Upload Cover Letter
  3. C.V.
  4. Upload C.V.
  5. A WRT 105 course description: Please provide a potential course description for WRT 105. (For more information, see On Writing a WRT Course Description.)
  6. Upload Course Description
  7. Teaching or tutoring evaluations: If applicable, please submit a set of evaluations from previous teaching or TAing experiences, or a letter of recommendation that can speak to any past tutoring or teaching experience.
  8. Upload Evaluations
  9. Faculty recommendation: Please ask your recommender to comment on your writing and speaking abilities, your interpersonal skills, and your ability to meet deadlines. Email recommendations to the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program at wsap@ur.rochester.edu.
  10. A sample of your academic writing.
  11. Upload Writing Sample
  12. At the end of your application, please include the following statement in quotation marks, along with a signature from your graduate department or program chair: “(Name of your graduate department or program) supports this application for teaching in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program and is aware of the workload and compensation for this position.”
  13. Upload Program Statement
  14. If you have not taught in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program before, please indicate by signing on the line below, that you will be available between May 15 - June 15 and two weeks before fall classes begin in August, for the required pedagogy course:

Any changes to uploaded documents can be made using the link in your confirmation email or can be sent to Jeff Tschirhart at jtschirh@ur.rochester.edu

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